The services offered by HealthWright Technologies provide innovative and advanced patient care, and give physicians extraordinary methods for increasing revenue and growing their practices. Our services include:

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Genetic Testing for Drug Sensitivity

Even with a complete patient medical history, there is no way to foresee how an individual may react to a certain drug. Will the patient respond positively? Will the drug help to alleviate symptoms or provide a cure? Will it cause an adverse reaction? Advancements in pharmacogenomics can help answer all of these questions and more, and the testing available through our DNA laboratory is among the most innovative and effective in the industry.

What Our Testing Does

  • Provides clinically-relevant drug-drug and drug-gene interaction information on patients
  • Tests certain genes to determine how an individual might respond to specific medications
  • Goes beyond the limitations of other testing methodologies

What Our Service Includes

  • Health risk assessment and intake protocols for patients to establish eligibility
  • Same-day, on-site genetic testing
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-read/easy-to-interpret reports
  • Proprietary software that lets you easily forecast a patient’s outcome
  • Personalized web portal for accessing all patient test results

Benefits to Your Practice

  • Helps you reduce the possibility of adverse drug reactions (and all the inherent implications, risks, and issues)
  • Greatly decreases trial-and-error method of determining effective pharmacological treatment for patients
  • Reduces costs for you and your patients
  • Helps maximize drug effectiveness
  • 100% covered by Medicare

Serotonin Plus Weight Loss Program

  • Serotonin-Plus offers individualized weight loss programs to fit every weight loss need. Whether you have 10 pounds or 150 pounds to lose, we offer effective, safe, and responsible weight loss to fit any budget. We tailor programs to you based upon your specific needs, capabilities, and limitations. Our weight loss program has a very high success rate and patients are re-evaluated until optimal weight loss is achieved. Serotonin-Plus provides flexibility so that you can achieve your goal while maintaining your busy schedule.
  • The program’s foundation is built on behavioral and lifestyle modification with a medical “jumpstart”. The Serotonin-Plus Weight Loss Program™ is medically supervised and consists of weekly visits with the medical staff depending upon the program chosen. Realistic weight loss is 20-50 pounds per each 12-week session. (Note: Individual weight loss results may vary.) Our most aggressive option averages 35 pounds of weight loss in 12 weeks. Patients may attend more than one 12-week session to achieve their weight loss goals.
  • We feature the Serotonin Formula™, our unique patented oral serotonin supplement that acts as a natural appetite suppressant and significantly reduces carbohydrate cravings. When appropriate, we utilize an FDA approved prescription appetite suppressant to jumpstart the metabolism.