Annual Wellness Visit & Chronic Care Management

Annual Wellness Visit

Prevention and wellness are becoming the new standards in patient care, and the Annual Wellness Visit that we offer provides a comprehensive series of essential tests and assessments for eligible patients. Our team works side-by-side with you to implement this program into your practice for maximum patient benefit as well as revenue-generating opportunities.

What this Testing Does

  • Gives you a turnkey solution for offering the Annual Wellness Visit, overcoming how you might currently be limited by time and resources.
  • Provides patients with a thorough scan of their health in multiple categories (see list below), helping them seek treatment for issues that are uncovered and allowing them to mitigate health risks and issues that are indicated.
  • Encourages patients to have in-depth discussions with their physicians about their health, leading to the creation of personalized preventive health plans.
  • Equips you and your patients with powerful health insights to keep them healthy.

Testing and Assessments Available

  • Spirometry Testing: to measure patient lung health (and provide further testing when indicated)
  • Cognitive Testing: to gauge risk for or indication of cognitive impairment (and provide further testing when indicated)
  • Pharmacogenomic Assessment: to assess the risk for polypharmaceutical patients (and provide further testing when indicated)
  • Sudomotor Function Testing: to discern indicators for peripheral neuropathy (and provide further testing when indicated)
  • Cancer Testing: to analyze a patient’s genetics to determine risk for developing certain types of cancer (and provide further testing when indicated)

What Our Service Includes

  • Pre-visit patient health risk assessments and information letters
  • Full-service training and a complete library of resources (online FAQs, guides, and videos)
  • Personalized wellness report for each patient
  • Personalized plan of care for each patient, along with appropriate referrals
  • Hosting right within your own clinic or facility
  • Compliant with ACA (Affordable Care Act) requirements
  • Billing support and assistance

Benefits to Your Practice

  • Helps you develop a five-year wellness plan for your patients
  • Allows you to reach an underserved population
  • Creates additional revenue (through the initial Annual Wellness Visit and follow-up testing, when indicated)
  • Gives you opportunities for practice growth (to better serve current patients and bring on new patients)
  • Alleviates the challenge of administering this inclusive program by yourself

Contact us today for more details on how our Annual Wellness Visit can deliver more to your patients and your practice.

Chronic Care Management TurnKey Solution

The strict billing requirements of Centers for Medicare Services’ Chronic Care Management initiative are at the very core of what our partner, Careexpand has been doing for years. Our unique combination of industry-leading technology and care coordination services creates a turnkey care management solution for your practice. With Careexpand, the patient is at the center of their care; their family and care team can participate; and you meet the CMS requirements for providing effective, chronic care management services.

What Our Services Include

  • Ongoing care management for all chronic conditions, including medication, reconciliation, and regular assessment of a patient’s medical, functional, and psychosocial needs.
  • A comprehensive, patient-centered health summary and care plan that includes all current records from all the patient’s providers.
  • Electronic capture and sharing of care plan information with the patient, their caregivers, and all of their healthcare providers using certified EHR technology.
  • 24/7/365 access to care management services to address urgent chronic care needs.
  • Continuity of care through access to an established care team for successive routine appointments.
  • Management of care transitions between and among all providers and settings using electronic transmission of information.
  • Coordination with home- and community-based clinical service providers.
  • Enhanced opportunities for all relevant caregivers to communicate about the beneficiary’s care.

Benefits to Your Practice

Our industry-leading technology and care coordination services turn an overwhelming process into an opportunity to not only increase your profitability, but greatly improve your patients’ experiences and medical outcomes. It’s simple: Careexpand will provide the turnkey service and a summary at the end of each month.