Allergy Testing & Therapy

There are not enough allergy specialists to meet the ever-increasing demand from patients who suffer from this common chronic disease. With our Allergy Testing and Therapy service, you’ll essentially be installing a dedicated allergy clinic within your own facility. Patients will be better served, and your practice will gain the opportunity for significant revenue and growth.

What this Service Does

  • Provides on-site allergy testing and treatment (for seasonal and perennial allergies)
  • Assists with the identification, diagnosis, and treatment of allergies
  • Identifies allergic reactions through skin testing, the most reliable and convenient method available
  • Helps to desensitize your patient to the allergen through immunotherapy, working to provide a cure and improve their quality of life

What this Service Includes

  • All equipment and materials needed for the allergy lab
  • On-site allergy technician and/or consultant
  • Training (initial and ongoing) for your team
  • Feedback/consultation on patient treatment and administration (compliance, billing, etc.)
  • Allergy testing that utilizes the latest medical advancements and technology
  • Individualized plans for patient treatment and care

Benefits to Your Practice

  • Enables you to expand your services without having to renovate your facility or hire additional staff
  • Helps you retain patients that you would have previously referred outside your practice to an allergy specialist
  • Provides a new revenue stream with no upfront costs

If you would like to more about this tremendous opportunity to grow your practice, contact us today.