We offer a dyamic array of products that are expertly selected and beta-tested by our veteran professionals.  Our representatives are diligently trained to consult with medical providers about each product and its functions in the healthcare field.  

  • Smartheart

    We are a licensed distributor of the Smartheart, the world's first fully mobile ECG machine that enables patients to monitor themselves at home or anywhere. Smartheart is a belted, 12-lead ECG that is about the same size as a smartphone, and uses Bluetooth technology to sync to the patient's smartphone or tablet. The results are immediately sent in to the patient's physician for diagnosis. Smartheart is the most simple (no gel or sticky tabs required) and quickest (results in 30 seconds) ECG offered to date.
  • SudoPath

    Making your complex decisions simple. In 2 minutes… One test assesses Sudomotor Function related to Peripheral Neuropathy. Results are instant. Why test small nerve fibers? Diabetes is the primary cause of peripheral neuropathy. The American Diabetes Association recommends assessment of sudomotor function of small nerve fibers in the current panel of diagnostic tests for the detection of peripheral neuropathy. Early identification of these complications, which are often asymptomatic in as much as 50% of diabetes patients, has the potential to reduce or delay their disease progression with timely preventative treatment. The opportunities to have a clinically relevant test for diabetic risks and to be a profit center can be very valuable additions to your practice.
  • ES Complex

    The ES (Electro Sensor) Complex is a preventive testing system designed to assess Cardio Metabolic Risk factors as established by the American Diabetes Association. The test specifically looks at endothelial dysfunction, autonomic nervous system imbalance, and peripheral neuropathy. Testing takes 7-minutes and requires no technician. Results are instant, comprehensive, and directly interpretable. Implementing the ES Complex will increase your income, expand your services (offer more tests/solutions rather than outsource) and finally improve patient cooperation and satisfaction.
  • EasyOne Product Line

    EasyOne has revolutionized the diagnosis and management of COPD and asthma with spirometry through ultrasonic flow measurement. We are offering the full EasyOne spirometry line to meet specific needs of practices: Plus, on-PC, Pro, and Pro-Lab. The spectrum of product function spans from simple, fast, and portable to options that will link to your computers and deliver in-depth readouts from challenge testing with real-time curves.
  • ClearNails-pro+

    ClearNails-pro+ (previously FFN-ctf) is a unique medicinal, PHMB (0.5% Polyhexamethylene biguanide) with a patented keratin penetrating carrier system that penetrates the nail plate and reaches the nail bed. This ground-breaking fungicidal is the first and only topical that will eliminate Trichophyton and its related species as well as any coexisting yeast forms from infected fungal nails. This is the only product on the market proven and guaranteed to cure Onychomycosis (toenail fungus).